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Intelligent Bluetooth GPS Positioning Car Chargers

Shenzhen Runray Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 07, 2017

Are you still worried about finding a car at night, underground garage, and strange city in the large parking lot?



There is one intelligent Bluetooth GPS Positioning Car Chargers to solve your worries.

Find the Car Intelligently

Whenever you stop, phone APP can automatically mark the parking location and find the car easily by phone APP.

If there is no GPS signal in the parking

location (such as underground or multi-storey car park), there is ringtone to remind you to save the location and take a photo.

Excellent GPRS signal, A Key Searching vehicles Navigation,GPRS Positioning Compensation, more accurate Positioning.


1) One Key to Find the Car

2) Automatically Mark the Parking Location

3) Parking Time Reminder

4) One Key to Share Parking Location

5) Charge 2 electronic devices in your car at the same time.

6) With a sharp tungsten steel hammer, used as safety hammer in emergency hours.








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